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Cheltenham High School
Class of 1965 50th Reunion

Glenside Elementary

Mrs. Nussbaum’s Grade Six 1958-1959

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Top row: Neil Ozer, Roger Simon, Barry Luber, Wayne Clendaniel (? ), Doug Kroll, Andy Feinstein, Phyllis Malmud, Mrs. Nussbaum
Third Row: Ricky Fielke, Bob Day, Dotty Sellers, Elizabeth Mason, Bob Mikaelian, Bob Teague, George Murphy, Carolyn Minetti
Second Row: Bob Chellel, Ronnie Lance, Eileen Kamison (?), Paul Gibson, Doug Hurlock, Bea Stocker Bette Jane Glass, Michael Greenspan, Earl Davis
First Row: Bob Wein, Joyce Gorden, Diane Young, Ellen Finkelstein, Ginny Stanley, Nancy Koch, Barry Frey