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Cheltenham High School
Class of 1965 50th Reunion

Myers Elementary Class of 1959 Photograph

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We received this from Beckie Steinberg Elder

Top row: Steve Asher 2nd from right, standing behind another boy
2nd row down:Charles Sterne [sitting], 6th from left Bernice Sobel, 8th Babs Peller
3rd row down: Standing: Judy Stein, Jean Lifter, Stephanie Phillips, last girl, standing = Judy Uecker [2nd to last, standing, perhaps Barbara Klinghoffer]
4th row down:1st girl on left Nancy Christ,12th Carlyn Wiener, Standing Emmy Brecker, Joy or Penny Almes
Bottom row: Carol Loucks, Lenore Ashler, 5th Neil Meinster [?], 7th: Danny Fogel, Sandy Seltzer [?], 11 Beckie Steinberg, 12: Elaine Rockower, 13 Penny or Joy Almes