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Cheltenham High School
Class of 1965
50th Reunion

Classmates Who Served
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A list of all CHS Alumni who have served is on the CHS Alumni website - Click Here.

The Class of 1965 humbly remembers two of our own who made the ultimate sacrifice.

George Gray
(see also)
Vietnam (deceased July 9, 1968)

Andy Rackow

(see also)
Vietnam (deceased August 6, 1968)

The Class of 1965 is privileged to honor these classmates who served.

Dave Ainslie
US Army, 2 yrs, Ft Lee, VA

Rick Atherholt
US Army, 1972

William Bender
US Army, Vietnam

David Blum
Air Force (Air National Guard)
1978- 2000, Colonel.

Cliff Bolder
USMCR, 1966-1972, Sgt.

Alan Burden
US Army Reserves 1970-76

John Burke
U.S. Army, 1966 -1968,
1967-1968, E-5

C. Peter Catrickes
US Army, 1965-68, US and Overseas

Bob Day
US Army Dental Corps

Jeff Field
US Army, 1965-1968

Anthony Franco
US Army, 1966-1968

Glenn Gantz
US Air Force

Bob Gerhard
US Army, 1969-2002, Colonel,
Legion of Merit

John Gimbel
US Army Reserves, IL

Barry Glassman
US Army, 2 yrs, Fort Bragg

Michael Greenspan
Israel Defence Forces, 1980-2003

David Hackett
US Air Force, 1967-71,

Bob Hamburg
Peace Corps - Nepal '74-'76

Cliff Harze
US Merchant Marine OS 1966
US Army 1969 -1972 1LT Korea

Barry Hirsch
US Air Force

Charles Horter
First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry
(PA National Guard, 1970-76)

Doug Hurlock
US Marines, 1965-69, Vietnam

James Hyman
US Army Reserves
6 years, E-5 Sergeant

Richard Jacobs
US Army Reserves

Mark Jacques
US Air Force, Vietnam,
Distinguished Service Cross

Howard Kessler
US Army Reserves, 6 yrs

Chuck Leinberry
US Army 1969-1971
97th Signal Battalion, Europe

Ken Lorenz
US Army Reserve, 6 yrs

Barry Luber
US Army 1967 - 1969 -- Vietnam

Bob Mikaelian

US Army Reserves 1967-73
Spec. 5

Charles McLean
US Navy, Vietnam

Charles Miller
US Marine Corps, 1966 - 1968

Jerry Miller
US Army, 1966 - 1969

Steve Morgandale
US Air Force, Korea
Air National Guard, Senior Master Sergeant

Jerry Mullins
U.S. Naval Academy 1965-69
Naval Aviation, Vietnam 1972-73
US Navy Reserve - 1976-93, Captain

Rick Murken
US Marine Corps, 1968 – 1970

George Murphy
US Army, 2 years, 1st Lieut.(VN)

Donald Neeman
US Navy, 1965 - 1968,
Vietnam 1966, 1967

Ronnie Newlin
US Navy, 1965 - 1968

Randy Plutchok
US Navy, 1968-72, HM2

Tad Porter
US Air Force 1966-1970

Wayne Quigley
USMC, Armed Forces Police
DaNang, Vietnam


Dick Raab
US Army Reserves, 4.5 yrs, Phila

Bob Riepen
US Army

Wayne Riley
US Army, Vietnam

Wil Roat
US Army, 1966-68, Ft Jackson, SC

Gerry Roehm

US Army, 1968-70, Air Defense Artillery

Alan Rosner
US Navy Medical Corps, Vietnam

Stuart Sacks
US Army Reserves, 1969-76

Robert Schaffer
US Army Reserves, 1969-75

Stephen Setzman
US Army Reserves, 1967-73

Ron Silverman
US Army, 41 years, Major General

Steve Steinberg
US Army (Airborne),
1965 - 1968 - Vietnam

William Stobbe
US Army
SP4 Radar Technician

Richard Voigt
Vietnam, helicopter pilot.
Retired after 26 years at the rank of CW4

Marc Voluck
US Army Reserves, NYC

Pete Weed
US Navy 1968 - 1999
Retired with the rank of Captain

Philip Weinrich
US Army Reserves, 1969-75, Mass and CA

Jim White
US Army, 4 years, 1st LT/,

Peter Zipin
US Army