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Cheltenham High School
Class of 1965
50th Reunion

Comments from our Classmates

As planning moves forward many of our classmates have sent comments to the Planning Committee. We are sharing these comments with everyone!

If you have a comment, please pass it along to

Last updated: July 8, 2015

Newest comments are at the top.

Ken Swartz (June 23)
Many congratulations to everyone involved. Sounds like this will be a great event. Maddy and I are looking forward to it. See you all soon.

Ed Landau (June 22)
Thanks to everyone for 2 years of dedication to our reunion planning effort. I am looking forward to meeting the many classmates I’ve met or reconnected with through the many e-mails. Let’s all stay in touch through our websites.

Barb Werner Cann (June 22)
I tried to get some things rearranged, but I simply wasn’t successful... I know a lot of people will have a wonderful time thanks to all your hard work... Have a wonderful reunion. I’ll be thinking about everyone this weekend.

Ron Reilly (June 22)
Sorry I can not come. Best to all.

Carol Ferleger Roth (June 16)
Looking at everything that is on the Reunion website is really quite astonishing. Great work.

Bert Filemyr (June 19)
I have enjoyed being involved in the planning of this event.
Unfortunately long standing family travel plans confict and I will not be at the June 27th event. Have a great time!

Sally Pomerantz Martin (June 5)
The job you all have done is very impressive.
Have a memorable night and good wishes to all.

Al Friedman (June 5)
I hope you will have a wonderful 50th reunion.

Dottie Sellers (June 5)
I was really hoping I would be on the east coast at the end of June... I hope you all have a terrific time at the reunion, and I can't wait to see pictures from the event.

Fran Rhodes Meehan (June 2)
Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it... have a great time!

Sue Sternfeld Konst (June 1)
I am so sorry... but I am unable to come.
Have a wonderful evening and I’ll look forward to pictures.
I appreciate all the hard work you are doing

Ellen Green Sklaroff (May 28)
You all are to be commended for the incredible work you are doing on behalf of the Class of 1965- and your efforts still go on!!! Neil and I are counting the days to what will be a truly spectacular reunion---thanks to all of you.

Barry Frey (May 28)
Trust everyone has a great time. Sorry I can't be there. Reading the comments and seeing the photos reminds me of those days. Hard to believe it's so long ago.

Philip Weinreich (May 25)
I have nothing but great memories of all of you and wish you all the very best for a wonderful reunion. I especially want to thank the organizers for the wonderful job they all did. The best to every one of you and as they say..."may you all live long and be happy and healthy".

Gordon Cohn (May 24)
I am happy to see how many people plan to be at the reunion. I hope you find it meaningful and fun. Anyone who would like to see a traditional Jewish community is invited to visit.

Jeff Field (May 22)
I won't be attending. I hope everyone has a super time.

Nick Noderer (May 22)
Sorry I can't make the reunion. It's a great thing you're doing.

Sandy Ivler (May 20)
You are doing an excellent job with your website.
Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Mark Sheetz (May 15)
I would attend the reunion but for the fact that I am in Europe.
Please say hi to everyone for me and have a great reunion.

Judy Hartman Richardson (May 10)
I hate to miss this one. I know you will have a fun time that weekend. I'll be thinking of everyone.

Ilene Forman Silverman (May 10)
I am sure the committee did a great job and the reunion will be a success.

Marilyn Siegel (May 9)
I'm really excited about coming in for the 50th reunion. Look forward to getting reacquainted. Thanks to all for organizing this great event.

Isabel Lamb Garvin (May 9)
Thanks for the recent update. I often think of the old neighborhood. I am, unfortunately, not attending the reunion but wish that everything goes off without a hitch. Enjoy the upcoming event,

Joan Billings (May 7)
Unfortunately I have a trip ... and cannot make it.
Have a great time and say hello to the group for me.

Anne McLeod Gimbel (May 7)
I am so sorry I won't be able to make it. I am hoping you will all take lots of pictures and share news to catch up. I really appreciate all the hard work everyone has done for this reunion. I am sure it will be wonderful and I really regret missing it.

Betsy Lingo Juliana (May 7)
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the reunion... Please share with anyone that they can contact me on Facebook as well as e-mail.

Charles (Chip) Brickman (May 4)
I’m so disappointed that I will not be able to be there. ... sailing over to England to begin a new phase of our lives. ...time to make this the great event I’m sure it will be. All the best to all the class of 65.

Bobbie Diamond Adams (May 2)
I will be unable to attend the reunion.
Have fun and send best wishes to all. Thanks for your hard work.

Carole Bahoff Schaffzin (April 28)
Thank you for all your efforts to make this a great event.

Carol Parmet Wolchock (April 28)
I’m unable to attend, but hope you all have a great time!

Charles Horter (April 28)
Thanks for all your hard work.
I look forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion.

Katherine Mazzaferri (April 25)
Thank you to the organizers of the reunion.
I know it has been a lot of work!

Joe Cooper (April 25)
Congratulations and kudos to all those who have done such a wonderful job of planning this reunion. Very impressive. Very much looking forward to seeing you all.

Marilyn Siegel (April 24)
I'm really excited about the reunion!

Ellen Freedman Kerman (April 24)
Thanks for all your work in organizing this 50th.
It’s much appreciated.

Annie Blumenthal Proffit (April 23)
Unfortunately we won’t be able to touch base this June. Please send my regards to other classmates I’ve not seen since we left CHS.

Charles Shoneman (April 22)
Regrettably, I will not be able to make the reunion.
Congratulations and happy 50th to all.

Jim Hulihan (April 20)
Thanks for staying in touch.
Sorry I can't make the reunion. Best wishes to old friends.

Jane Goodhart Smith (April 20)
I am retiring this June :>) Cannot wait!!
Really looking forward to it after 31 years of teaching and 28 of those in Cheltenham! Looking forward to seeing you on June 27th.

Debbie Weiss Mendelson (April 18)
Thanks to the committee for all your work.

Lynn Farrell Richman (April 18)
Sure would love to see everyone. The CHS years were certainly fabulous ones. Best to all.

Maggie Trichon (April 17)
Thank you... love to all... unfortunately I won't be able to make it.

Mimi Berger Krystel (April 16)
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Jeff Shubert (April 16)
I live in California and unfortunately will not be able to make the trip at that time.
Everyone is welcome to visit me in San Francisco.

Faye Hassler Zimmerman (April 7)
Have a great night!

Tony Franco (April 2)
I can't wait to see everyone. Thank You for all your hard work in setting this up for us.

Penny Almes Cohen (April 2)
It was so nice of you to get in contact and to hear about the 50th reunion. I still can't believe we're that old! We wish you and all our old classmates the best and a fabulous reunion!

Joel Rains (April 1)
I can’t wait to see “old” friends from CHS. It’ll be great to reminisce about the great times we had. Thanks to the organizing committee for all your hard work.

Joy Dyer Swartz (March 25)
My hat's off to you for doing all this. Must be quite a challenge rounding us all up! Thanks! It is nice to be back in touch again with old friends!

David Blum (March 15)
Thank you all for your efforts in organizing our 50th Reunion.

Beckie Steinberg Elder (March 14)
First of all, thank you and the committee for your dedication and persistence. Have a wonderful Reunion.

Jane Goodhart Smith (March 12)
Thank you for all your hard work.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Reunion.
Please stop by and visit our brand new Cheltenham Elementary if you can.

Diana Pitman Brooks (March 2)
Yes, you have found me :)
No, I will not be able to attend the 50th (wow!) reunion.
Hope you all have fun!

Jude (Judy) Stein Johnson (Feb 26)
"you all are AWESOME!!! thank you so much for making this happen!!
we definitely hope to be there!! it will be wonderful to reconnect with people i've lost touch with but are still so deep in my heart! with much gratitude for the amazing job you are doing and the fantastic website you've created.....(i just got a save the date piece from you) ...and thanks so much for finding me!!"

Penny Brown Weiner (Jan 2)
"Happy New Year to all! A job well done."



Linda Klumpp Flack (Dec 25)
"Chris Coupe told me I was in denial. 50??? Very excited... Already making plans to meet up with old friends."

George Murphy (Nov 18)
"I looked at those "OLD" pictures from Glenside Elementary and TW on the reunion website. Wow! I am looking forward to coming back to Pa, one more time. Happy Thanksgiving."

Bill Stobbe (Nov 11)
"Count me in. Thanks for setting this reunion up. I'm excited after getting this post card. Keep me posted of happenings."

Marci Jenkins Stern (Nov 11)

You found me! It is totally unbelievable that it has been 50 years since graduation from Cheltenham!! I'm sure most of us feel that way. I absolutely want to be there! I will be delighted to go! Looking forward to hearing more.

Kurt Grabfelder (Oct 27)

I am looking forward to a reunion.

Jean Lifter (Oct 22)

Hi to everyone - really looking forward to the reunion.

Sandy Lupowitz Fried (Oct 19)
Thanks for your effort in putting this together. I’m looking forward to it.

Neil Fine (Oct 19)

AWESOME job. The website is great. Thank you for ALL you have done. Look forward to seeing everyone and sharing some great memories and laughter.

Carlyn Wiener Hass (Oct 16)

Hope all is well. Thanks for all of your hard work

Debbie Greenfield Levit (Oct 16)
Thanks for the information and all your hard work.

Steve Asher (Sept 22)
"Thanks for all of your hard work on the forthcoming reunion."

Chris (Gerry) Cortese (Sept 4)
Looking forward to it, although I plan to be living in California at that time.

Sandy Eisenberg Sasso (Sept 2)
I hope to be able to attend. Hard to believe it is 50 years!

Mary (Mayzee) Klaus (Sept 2)
Thanks for doing this. Much appreciated.

Barry Hirsch (Sept 2)
Thank you for your efforts in putting this together.
Looking forward to seeing everyone

Richard Bank (Sept 1)

Look forward to hearing more.

Ellen Green (Neil Sklaroff) (Sept 1)
Thank you for your hard work!

Charles J. Horter (Sept 1)
Great idea. Thanks for taking on the challenge and all the hard work.

Gary Freed (Sept 1)
Looking forward to the reunion.

Bobbie Diamond Adams (Sept 1)
Thanks for your efforts

Ellen Feldman (Sept 1)
I’m totally looking forward to this! Thanks to you all for organizing.

Bill Frankfurter (Aug 31)
Cathy and I are really looking forward to this! As long as our health holds out, we are hoping to attend. Thank you for all that you are doing to make this possible!!!!

Anita Bram Adelson (Aug 31)
Looking forward to seeing everyone and many thanks to the outstanding committee for all your hard work in organizing this milestone reunion

No picture available
Ken Dion (Aug 31)
I will be flying in from Arizona. Looking forward to it. Thanks

Ellen Finkelstein Shubin (Aug 31)
I'm excited to see old/young friends and looking forward to coming to our 50th!

Susan Pearlstein Sohn (Aug 31)
Looking forward to it.

Jeff Kaplan (Aug 31)
I’m looking forward to this. Thanks to the committee for all the hard work.

Nathaniel Greenwood (Aug 31)
I plan to be there and look forward to seeing everyone. I want to thank Emmy and everyone else on the committee for taking on the task of setting this up.

Larry Isard (Aug 31)
Looking forward to it.

Linda Klinger Rath (Aug 31)
Looking forward to it, and thanks to all who are working so hard to make this happen!

Jane Goodhart Smith (Aug 31)
Looking forward to it :>)

Bruce Menkowitz (Aug 31)
Great Job. Thanks

Sandy Lupowitz Freid (Aug 31)
looking forward to seeing everyone. thanks for your effort to make it happen. Xo

Joe Cooper (Aug 31)
Kudos to the organizing committee members. If this high-school reunion is anything like the 50th for Cheltenham Elementary, it will surely be a splendid success and have all rejoicing. The CES 50th was a marvel is organization and in venue and in memory-enhancing.

Bill Kruger (Aug 31)
Looking forward to this event

Steve Setzman (Aug 31)
I’m truly impressed by all the effort and concern so many people have already put in to the event. Thank you for being so dedicated and caring!

Dan Fogel (Aug 24)
Thank you and hopefully I’ll make it.

Bernice Sobel (Aug 19)
Yikes, I cannot believe that it’s been 50 years since we graduated from Cheltenham High School. Yes, please keep me updated about the upcoming reunion.

Barry Glassman (Aug 13)
Hope you are doing well, and thanks for your efforts in making the reunion happen. Look forward to future communications on the event.

Ellen Freedman Kerman (August 7)
Thanks for taking on the task of being part of the organization of our 50th reunion. Can you believe it? I'm looking forward to the event.

Bob Mikaelion (May 28)

Thank you all for doing the work. I look forward to seeing you next year.

Mike Cook (Apr 13)
Look forward to seeing you

Nat Greenwood (Apr 8)
I admire you for your patience and diligence in the effort to organize a reunion.
This time I hope to be there

Earl Segal (Apr 8)
Sounds like a lot of fun and thank you for helping to organize it.

Carol Largman (Apr 7)
Nice that you're doing this, should be a fun occasion

Eileen Zakroff David (Mar 22)
In 10 years Bette Quindry will know where to find me (on a beach somewhere with a tall drink in my hand)

Linda Hirshberg Oltman (Mar 21)
All of you in charge are doing a great job - brings back lots of memories!

Russ Largay (Mar 18)
Hello to all!

Pat Simon Wetzler (Mar 18)
Thanks for all the work you are doing....if I can help from CT, I would like to but not sure how.

Katherine Mazzaferri (Mar 17)
Thanks for helping to put this event together.

Jeff Topkis (Mar 15)
Thanks for doing all of this work. Let me know if I can help. I forwarded the information to several classmates and will try to get some more. See you at the reunion.

Richard Bank (Mar 15)
Thanks for putting this together. (Mar 18) ...again, thanks for working on this.
Look forward to seeing everyone after all these years

Alan Burden (Mar 10)
Thanks for your work on the reunion. Hope to see you there

Ellen Freedman Kerman (Mar 13)
Thanks for doing this huge undertaking. Lots of luck.

Chuck Sterne (Mar 9)
Let me know how I can be helpful

Linda Sichel (Mar 8)
Thank you all for taking on these tasks. I look forward to the Reunion.

Linda Moonblatt (Feb 26)
Looking forward to reunion in 2015! (Mar 9) ...I think all of you are doing a great job

Carol Snyder Richmond (Feb 17)
Thanks for doing this!

Pete Weed (Feb 10)
Delighted by the effort to organize a class reunion, though 50th is a bit daunting.
Very best to the organizers. (Feb 25) Very best wishes to the entire CHS Class of 1965

Judy Hartman Richardson (Feb 5)

It's good to hear from the committee, I know how much planning goes into these reunions. Thanks for all you do.

Eileen Kamison (Feb 4)
I am so glad you have picked up the ball to organize our reunion. I am interested in working on the reunion committee. Please let me know about any upcoming meetings.

Anita Bram Adelson (Feb 1)
Loved the email you just sent. I forwarded it to a few classmates I've stayed in touch with. Many thanks for all your continued time and effort.

Ann Wilson Turnoff (Jan 31)
This is so great!! I have it on my calendar and I really want to thank you... I don't know what I could so for you from this distance, but I'd there's anything at all please let me know. (Mar 19) Thanks for all you're doing.

Steve Steinberg (Jan 31)
I would love to attend the reunion, please keep me up to date on the event. You may contact me at my home or on my cell at any time.

Jeff Field (Jan 26)
Please add me :)

Deena Cohen (Jan 25)
Hi all - Thanks for all your hard work

Karen Kornberg Pesin Reinhard (Jan 19)

Retired to Boca 16 years ago. If u need any help please email me

Jeff Kaplan (Jan 17)
Thanks to all of you who are working on this reunion. I can’t wait!

Emmy Brecker (Jan 16)

I thank Bert and Ed for putting all of the information into a usable format!!!

Bill Uffner (Jan 16)

If I can help in some way, Let me know.
Thanks to all of you who took on the task.

Jeff Shubert (Jan 16)

Thanks for organizing this. I’ll try to be there.

Joel E. Rains (Jan 15)
It can't be 50 years! Or can it? Can't wait.

Ellen Meyers Abrahams (Jan 15)

Thanks for all your hard work.

Liz Mason Givens (Jan 15)

Emmy Greenberg has kept me posted on saving this date and it sounds like a great night. I’ll be there with my husband, David, from near Ann Arbor, MI

Jean Lifter (Jan 15)
Hi! Looking forward to it!

Carol Sonstein (Jan 14)
Reunion should be fun

Sharon Moonblattt Greis (Jan 14)

I am sending you my email address so that I can receive all of the exciting information about our 50 year reunion! Thanks for taking the lead in arranging this!


Mary (Merry) McCormick Lauer (Nov 24)
WOW---that is GREAT NEWS!!! I am SO EXCITED to hear that.....keep me
updated....if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Carol Lipsky Pliner (Nov 14)
David and I are looking forward to attending... Thanks again for doing all this.

Stephie Phillips (Nov 6)
Yes I would like to become involved... I'm looking forward to it.

Joan Greenberg (Nov 6)
Thanks for organizing this!

Linda Plotnik Meran (Oct 14)
I would love to be included in your email list for the 50th!!! Really???!!!

Linda Klinger Rath (Sept 3)
This time, I fully intend to join the gathering of dear OLD classmates. Thanks for being a key contact person in this effort.

Anita Bram Adelson (Aug 10)
Thanks so much for taking this on ~ it's quite a challenge! Good Luck.

Chuck Leinberry (Aug 1)
I think I successfully joined the group ..... thank you for all your work

Barbara Boos Maletz (Aug 1)
Thanks to you and the others in the Phil's Tavern Group for getting this organized for us. (Jan 16) Kudos to the committee for getting the ball rolling for our 50th CHS reunion!

Bob Welsh (June 7)

The reunion in 2015 sounds good. Let me know if I can help

Sue Strauss Kestenbaum (June 17)
Hi everyone... let me know what I can do to looking forward to this and thank you for organizing