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Cheltenham High School
Class of 1965
50th Reunion

The Gathering of Information!

One of the major challenges of planning a reunion is to develop an accurate list of contact information. In the past 49 years many classmates have moved out of the area and have lost touch with their fellow classmates. It is time to start the process of compiling contact information. Do not assume that the Planning Committee knows your contact information. We ask that ALL classmates either inform or confirm to the committee your contact information. This will help us distribute information and allow us to generate a directory of classmates. We have set up a gmail account ( ) for this and other reunion purposes. (You can also provide the information on-line at our Class Creator webpages.)

So, we ask that you send us your contact information to . You can copy the list, paste it into your e-mail, then answer whichever questions you want. This information will not be shared with anyone else and will strictly be used for reunion purposes, including tracking classmates for future reunions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Click Here for the current list of Missing Classmates

Here is a list of contact information we would like to receive:
The items in Bold are the most important.

Name (First, Middle, Maiden, Last):
Preferred Nickname:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
E-mail address:

Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Spouse or Significant Other:
Your Birthday (not including year):
Elementary School Attended:
Junior High School Attended:
Higher Education Attended:
Military Service (Branch, Years, Rank):
Siblings from CHS (with year):
Occupation (current and/or former):
Current Employment (if any):
Current Employment Address:
Current Employment Phone:
For future reunions, contact information for person(s) who will know how to find you 10 years from now:
Any other information you wish to add:

Furthermore, please share this request with other classmates. If everyone pitches in we should be able to generate a contact list for most, if not all, of our classmates.