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Cheltenham High School
Class of 1965
50th Reunion

We Remember These Classmates Who Have Passed On.......

Our reunion was a joyous occasion that allowed us to reconnect and reflect on our time at CHS and what the succeeding 50 years have brought us. Many classmates attended but there is a group of our classmates who could not be present. Unlike us, this group never had the opportunity to grow old gracefully.

Our class will continue to update this information as the years go by.
If you know of any further information concerning our classmates, either those listed below or those not on the list, please notify

This is a list of deceased classmates.

Steve Asher (Also #1) (Also #1)
Larry Barkus
Aileen Batchler Schuh
Bob Beatty
Bill Bender
Judie Berg Corcoran
Steven Berman (Information updated October 2015)
Lois Brown
Judi Buchmann
Bob Chellel
James Christiansen
Robert Clyman
Terry Cook
Denise Corrigan
Renee De Maio Putz
Linda Edelman Thornton
Bruce Ford
Jon Fox (information updated June 2018)
Jerry Glaser
Raymond Good
George A. Gray (see also)
Elaine Griggs
Mary Beth Handler Lynwood
Herbert Heffler
Elaine Horrocks Krakowski
Rachel Jacobs (Information updated November 2015)
Richard Jacobs
Mark Jacques
Bonnie Kafin
Sally Kahn Mayer
Selma Katz
Cathie Kelly
Terry Klasky

Barbara R. Klinghoffer Peluso
Harvey Aaron Koolpe
Elly Kulick Whittaker (information updated June 2018)
Nancy Lacovara Lavery
Tom Leonard (information updated June 2018)
Bill Levy (Information updated November 2015)
Susan Lorber Ellman
Christopher Lutman
Betty Rae Mang Mawhinney
Aladar A. Marberger
Linda Marbin Caplan

William Marble (Information updated October 2015)
Aimee Margoles Pataky
Michael Margolin
Alan Markovitz
Charles McLean
Florence Mee Howling
Vicki Meyer Israel
Gerald Miller (Information updated November 2015)
Tyrone Moon
Steven Morgandale (updated 7/19/15)
Ann Newman
Steffanie Palmer Keys
Katherine Alice Pawlyk Bacon
Cynthia Platt Hall
Bill Plenderleith
Frank Pulini
Andrew Charles Rackow (see also)
Mike Reinish
Wayne Riley
Andrew Robinson
Alan Rosner
Douglas Rothaus
Tobi Sanders Hammes
David Sayre
Gerald Schwartz
Ilene Seitchik

David Seltzer
Arlene Shane
Stanley Sharps (Also)
Barbara Lynn Solit Bodenheimer
Virginia Stanley
Barbara Stein Gordon
Irv Stevens
Ken Tucker
Judy Uecker Pendergast
Linda Uecker Weed

Peter Vennett
James Wagenseller
David Weinstein
Mark Weiss
John Wendler
Barbara Werntz Defebo
Tom Whitaker
Barbara Widman Freedman (Also)
Susan Winokur Eisenberg
Jane Young Lenhart
Peter Zipin